Extra Function Categories for BV5


extra function categories for BV5...  easily installed and maintained:

  • no compiling
  • just upload the files
  • easily copy and rename folders for multiple uses*
  • no code editing required

create categories that are restricted to users that belong to roles:

  • use default membership roles
  • create custom roles
  • restrict category/static page to one or multiple roles
  • redirect user to page of your choice if not authorized

create custom email forms

  • use the BV admin to create the custom form
  • can use regular html inputs
  • can use asp.net controls
  • no need to edit the files, all work done in admin
  • choose multiple recipients
  • customize subject
  • choose page to redirect to after submission

...and create email forms that are restricted to authorized role members

*If you've been playing with the templates in BV5 you may have noticed you can't duplicate one and have unique settings w/o editing the dot net code, out templates are different in that copying and renaming the template folder is all you need to do to have unique settings for each template.

restricted email form settings screen:

restricted page settings screen:

email form settings screen:

example email form code:

just paste html email form code into description:

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