PCI Compliant

BetterBuilt.com is PCI Compliant

PCI CompliancePer US CC regulation mandates all internet credit card transactions must be PCI compliant and covered against data theft by 3/31/09.

BBC is now completely PCI security compliant and all BBC internet credit card transactions are covered against data theft insurance. Although we've maintained PCI security compliance for a long time on our web servers and internet transactions this optional coverage has now become a requirement.

Pertaining to website customers who process their own online credit card transactions it is between them and their credit card processing company to outline their own insurance and protection. They should have received separate notice of this from their CC processing company, if they are not already covered. Gateways such as authorize.net and BBC web servers are PCI compliant however, as stated above, the banks have set forth additional data protection compliance standards that require the merchant to also carry data theft insurance for processing credit cards over the internet.