Easy Reorder for BV2004


The Easy Reorder for BV2004 will allow your customers to easily reorder products from previous orders. 

Single page that:

  • lists recent orders
  • list products from each order
  • display current price for product
  • prefilled qty field based on qty purchased in order
  • re-order button adds product to cart
BV2004 ReOrder

Customer Choice Behavior

  • current price is adjusted to reflect same choice made
  • prices are calculated based on current pricing
  • if reorder is placed same choices will be made
  • if choices changed since order, customer will be prompted to re-choose

ReOrder Behavior
When a customer chooses quantity and clicks the Re-Order button, the product will be added to cart and the customer will remain at the reorder page.  Choose any combination of the following to notify user of successful addition:

  • alert pop-up confirmation of product addition
  • in-cart icon appears next to qty box
  • qty box changes from number to custom text (default "added")

other features:

  • no recompile
  • user control, can be used on any page you want
  • control exposes datalist and datagrid for customizations
  • text used is exposed for custom languages etc


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