Express Checkout for BV2004


One Page Checkout

Experts agree that for improved sales conversions rates, a short and simple checkout process is essential.  The less clicks the better, and let the customer see how much more they need to do.  Express Lane Checkout for the BV2004 shopping cart is meant to do these things.  All user info is collected in one page with minimal clicks and minimal scrolling.  All questions are visible in the same page. 

Anonymous Checkout

Finally, an anonymous checkout for BV2004.  Users who are not comfortable creating an 'account' are not forced to choose a username/password to make a purchase.  The email address can be required or optional depending on your choice.  If a valid email is provided then the user can have the option of creating an account.


  • Single or Two Page Checkout
    • minimal hurdles to final purchase
    • conversion friendly
    • single page check out go right to receipt
    • two page checkout goes to standard confirmation page
    • allows for separate billing/shipping address but hides other fields until needed
  • Sign In not required
    • no login required
    • eliminate missed orders because of forgotten passwords
    • no email address required (optional)
    • opt-in or automatic account creation for new users via checkbox
    • useable even if you are signed in
    • if user is logged in, then address info is pre-filled
  • Integration Methods
    • if user is not signed in, cart can jump directly to express lane
    • if user is signed in, normal checkout steps can apply
    • all users can have option for express checkout
    • link-able from checkout_login page for guest users
    • link directly from cart.aspx
  • Easily Implemented
    • no recompile necessary
    • style with CSS themes and buttons like any other page
    • works with gift certificates and promotional codes
    • works with different shipping methods
    • works with different payment methods
  • Easily Customize Your Customers Options
    • now there are more options to controle your checkout logic
    • click the image below for a full size flowchart

EC Checkout Flow Chart

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